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The DawnPages started as a collection of quilting instructions and tips that I put together during the summer of 1994 and made available on the WWW. In those days the web was text driven, though graphical browsers like Netscape were just around the corner. The original site at www.he.net/~dduperal still exists, and holds my library links.

During the winter of 1995 I began moving the bulk of the site to the Redsword.com server. I had quickly outgrown the space at he.net, and traffic was increasing, too. Over the next three years I would go on to produce approximately one new web page a week, bringing the DawnPages quilting and textiles site to over 200 pages of information.

By the summer of 1997 the site was receiving 5,000 visitors a month. That fall I collected and began digitizing my costuming instructions, and site traffic doubled within weeks.

In the summer of 1998 I moved away from the city where the Redsword server is housed. Not having convenient access to the server, and having the opportunity to put up my own machine, I registered the RedDawn.net domain.

And here we are. The site currently hosts nearly 250 pages of information, over 1MB alone of instructional text, and more than 7MB of associated html images, photographs, and illustrations.

The DawnPages have always been my personal web pages. I have nothing for sale, endorse no manufacturers, and allow no advertising. The site is not a business or a shopping mall. I'm often asked why this site is here and how much it costs to use. It's all free, because I feel like it. While there is a place for bought and sold information and goods, there is also a place for shared tips and ideas among friends. So, consider this a studio, a library, a place of refuge where you can allow your creativity safely out to play.


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