I Broke My Arm

I was just playing at night like I usually do, jumping on the furniture and climbing up on the counter and stuff, and I got hurt. I must have slipped and hit my leg on something -- I don't remember because I was having so much fun playing -- but after a while it started to hurt. I went and sat in the bathroom the rest of the night because I didn't feel good.

Mom and Dad got up the next morning and I showed them I didn't want to be picked up because my leg hurt. It was also hard to walk on, but I can get around pretty fast on three legs. I got to my breakfast before Tiger ate any of it!

Anyway, mom picked me up and put me in my travel box and took me in the car to the pet hospital. It was pretty scary. I could hear all these big dogs barking and it smelled funny. Then this other person came in and started poking me and messing with my arm. It really hurt. Then mom left me!

The people at the pet hospital gave me my own box to sit in, and it was just like when I was at the other place before I moved in with Tiger and my mom. There were all these other cats and these dogs that just wouldn't shut up. They barked all day and all night.

Then the next morning the people came and let me out of my box, but then I don't remember what they did. I didn't get to play, though I tried to get up on the counter in the other room they took me into. I think I went to sleep, because I woke up later and my leg was all wrapped up in stuff and I was back in my little box.

I didn't feel real good, my arm hurt and the dogs wouldn't be quiet and go to sleep, and I felt really tired. But then Mom came in to see me and she held me and petted me and talked to me. I didn't feel scared any more. I fell asleep with her petting me. I didn't get to go home, though. I had to stay there another night, though mom and dad came and petted me again the next day. Then I had to stay another night with the barking dogs who didn't know how to shut up.

Finally, mom and dad came and got me. The doctor took the thing off my leg so I could move it, though it still hurt a lot. And I got to go in my box and got home! Tiger was there and he was happy to see me. He told me he missed me. I was happy to see him, too, but I didn't feel like playing much. My arm hurt and I was tired so I just curled up and went to sleep.

Here's a picture of me trying to sleep. You can see where the doctor shaved off all my fur and operated on my arm. Mom says I broke my elbow. The fur is growing back now, and it sure feels a whole lot better. I can walk on it now, and play with my toys, though sometimes it still hurts.