A Cat's Life

It started out like this. First, this really nice lady found me and took me in her car to this place. I was purring and being real friendly, but she didn't stick around to play. So I got to this place where there were a lot of big dogs and lots of other cats, and some kittens, and these other people. They gave me a collar and put me in my own box and gave me some food. It was okay, but there was nobody to play with and nothing much to do during the day. I was there for a long time. It got pretty boring. I mean, there's only so many times you can check out the food dish and the litter pan. These people would come in and stick their fingers in the box and talk to me, but then they'd leave. I slept a lot.

Then one day these new people came in and there was this one who kept talking to me and petting me, and held me and cuddled me. I liked her a lot and I purred and rubbed against her. She went away, though. Then the next day the people who were feeding me came and took me out of my box and took me to this other room. I don't remember much except they gave me a bath and it was really icky. I woke up in a different box and didn't feel too well. My rear end hurt a little bit - I don't know what they did down there but it seems to be okay now - and I kept sneezing and coughing.

I waited there all day and you know what, that woman from the day before came back, and she got me out of my box and picked me up and cuddled me again. I sneezed all over her, but I was pretty happy to see her again. I went in a little box outside and in her car, and we drove for a long time. I was so tired I slept through most of it. Then we got to this place that smelled different. I was kind of scared, but I really wanted to explore. I couldn't get the door open by myself, though.

While I was waiting there this other cat came over and looked at me and growled! Wow! I don't know what his problem is, because I didn't even do anything to him. I got to get out and go look around the new place, which was pretty neat. It's got lots of stuff to climb on and play with. This other cat just followed me around and every time I'd stop and look at him he'd growl. Whoa, dude! Just chill, okay? I even tried to play with him, but when I'd pounce he'd hiss. I hope I never get that old and grumpy.

Tiger and I are best buddies now. He plays with me, and we chase each other and it's really fun. Sometimes he'll lick my head and then we'll wrestle afterward. I like to play a lot. After everyone else goes to sleep I'll play with my ball, or one of my other toys, or go find something interesting to play with. Dad's got a lot of neat stuff up on his desk and sometimes there's food there, too. I'll eat just about anything. I like bread and crackers, oatmeal bars, chocolate, and peanuts. I had some dried cherries once, but the plastic bag was more fun. Sometimes stuff is in a cardboard box, and I have to chew through the box to get the good stuff out. I got some cookies this way once.

Then there's sponges. I love sponges! Mom leaves them in the sink, and at night, or when everyone is gone, I wait until the sponge isn't looking, then I sneak up on it and grab it and carry it off. I'll get it down on the floor in the hall or in the livingroom and fight with it until it's ripped up into tiny little bits. They're no fun after they've been shredded. Mom always gets me a new sponge the next day, too. Most of the time they've got soap or gunk on them, but I don't mind.

A couple of weeks ago I figured out that there is chocolate in the boxes up on the wall near where my food is. I can get the doors open with my paws, and the chocolate is right there. I ate two whole bars all by myself! Mom's got tape across the doors now so I can't get in to get my own snacks. That's kind of a pain, but I'm sure I'll figure out how to get that off pretty soon.