We'll be adopting one of these female Maine Coon kittens in Fall 2007.

I'm hoping to get the one with white feet.

9/23/07 Seven weeks.

This is the brown tabby, her guard hairs are growing out silver.

Markings are starting to show on both kittens.

They have favorite toys.

My, what large ears you have!

All fur and ears.

9/03/07 One month old (more or less)


Playing in litter pan. (has not learned what it's for, yet)

Mom Sassy getting a break.

Attacking my foot.

Too cute for words.

There must be a way down from here.


I'm a princess. You will learn to obey my every whim.

Not if I get your tail first.

Sleepy time!

These three Maine Coon girls are 3 1/2 weeks old, and have just opened their eyes.

This one is black all over, and is very quiet and calm.

This girl is black with white mittens, a white bib, and white around her eyes, and is very active, and vocal, even at this age. She really wanted to explore and wasn't having any of this sitting for pictures nonsense.

Here's the "brown" one, you can see she will develop classic tabby markings. She's also pretty active.

The mother cat is a tortiseshell with yellow eyes. In this picture you can't tell the kittens apart, except for the little white foot of the black-and-white one at the very bottom.

Another picture of the black-and-white girl.

Older brothers from another litter. Caught in mid-yawn. These handsome fellows are 9 months old and already as large as a regular housecat. The brown girl kitten will probably end up looking a lot like her older brother here. The black-and-white kitten is patterned similar to the red one here.