Tiger's Friends


This is my friend Panzer. She was a stray like me. I wanted to play with her but she didn't want to play back. So she went to live with some relatives of my pet humans. Now she has a whole woods to herself where she can chase squirrels and not have to worry about cars.


This is my buddy Maus. He was a stray who got to sleep on the front porch a lot, and when he came inside we used to fight. Then he went to the vet and when he came back he didn't want to fight anymore. We get along great now, he likes to play with me, and when he is done with dinner he lets me have whatever is left in his bowl.


Here I am again. I like to help out in the sewing room, especially when there is fabric to be ironed.

This page last updated on: February 23, 1997.