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Okay. After two years of attempting to put together a decent page on making cloaks I still haven't finished it. Meanwhile, several other people *have* put together decent pages, so I will give you over to them...

Cloak Links

Tempus Peregrinator's Cloak Site Good basic info presented from experience. Not all of his images come out correctly on the page, but you should be able to figure it out.

The Garb Bag A brief outline suggesting fabrics and commercial patterns you can use.

My old page on cloaks Some basic draping information for simple coverings, as well as fabric selection advice.

Midgard Role-Playing Lots of costume resource pages if you poke around. The cloak section seems to be gone now, though.

How to Add a Hood to A Cloak

Thanks to Victoria for writing out these instructions:

An easy hood that only requires a yard of 45" wide material:

1) Measure from the tip of your nose to the nape of your neck. This will be the depth of the hood (and it includes all the hem/seam allowances)

2) Tie a piece of chalk on one end of a string, and have a helper hold the other end. The string, after you tie the chalk on, should be the length of your measurement.

3) Using the held end as the pivot point in the middle of one edge, draw a half circle on the fabric.

4) Cut it out.

5) Gather the half circle on the CURVED edge, until it is comfy around your neck.

6) Sew onto neck of cloak. You can add braid, or other trim on the inside of the neck to hide the seam.

7) Add buckles or a frog for closure (unless you have a great cloak clasp)

Voila! Easier done than said, actually!!!



Lady Victoria's Castle Closet: Custom made Renaissance and Gothic Clothing

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