Dawn's Costume Guide

Ever wonder what would have happened if Arwen had got ahold of the One Ring?

Halloween 2004. Even having a preview screen on the camera doesn't mean you get good photos. I made an "evil" version of the popular "Arwen" dress. Mine was made from black stretch velvet with irridescent green/purple/black sleeves and net fringe on the hem. Purple lipstick, eyeliner, and a few crystal spider pins and hairclips complete the costume. On the left, my husband Jay caught mid-kiss in his cowboy getup from GenCon.

In the picture on the right he's wearing a wizard robe and hat I made a couple years ago. The robe is a discontinued Simplicity patern (#8944). He told all the kids at the door he was a teacher at Hogwart's. Our friends Jesse and Matt are posing with us, waiting for the timer to take the picture.