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Oh look, a t-tunic. Let me tell you the story. It was 1989. This was, maybe, the second or third SCA costume I ever made. I was in college. Wool fabric was a dream that came somewhere between graduation and winning the lottery. One day this guy I knew showed up with a bundle of cloth leftover from a project his mom had been working on. It was a 54"x57" piece of blue grey wool with a chunk out of one side, and two really odd shaped remnants. In total it was about two yards and 12" of material. He thought I might be able to use it for trim on something else. I was determined that the large section could be a tunic, with the right cutting.

Here's the diagram of how the tunic was cut. There's a 12x27" dark blue insert at the top for the neck, and a 6" wide dark blue band on the hem. It is the warmest piece of garb I own. It was 40F the morning this picture was taken. I've also worn it in the snow in New England in the middle of winter at outdoor events. It's very comfortable.

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