Dawn's Costume Guide

I made this outfit in about two weeks, for a couple of local town festivals that our troupe danced. The other girls I was going to be on stage with had made panel skirts and shrugs out of black and silver cut velvet scarves. I didn't have a scarf to match, so I used this lovely purple and green stretch velvet that I'd had laying around for years. There was just enough to make the skirt panels, and a long sleeved vest. The bottom hem of the velvet skirt is trimmed with beads and pailettes from christmas garland I took apart. I wore it with a purple velvet bra from Victoria Secrets, and a purple silk skirt from a thrift shop. I'm not sure the look is very flattering for me, especially the way it clings across the front.

After the first show that week, I got ahold of the remnants of a sequinned silk dress one of the girls had cut up to use as appliques, and I made myself a matching bra and belt. I got it just enough put together to wear, it still needs a lot of beads and sequins sewn on. In the third picture you can see the black beaded net collar with a sequinned butterfly that I used to fill in the neckline. I found mine in a Chinese import booth at a flea market, but it would be easy to make from a piece of netting and your own beads.