Dawn's Costume Guide

KCRF 2004. On the left: Jay in his tan doublet again, this time with sleeves tacked in, on a low-energy costume day. I'm in a white chemise, a new black brocade bodice heavily decorated with gold trim on the front, a black cotton underskirt with my red gypsy overskirt and a couple of scarves tied at the waist. I'm also wearing a 3 strand pearl and garnet necklace patterned after one from a Queen Elizabeth I portrait.

On the right: Jay in a new green wool doublet and long striped pants. I have on a red wool jacket with a black wool partlet underneath. It was cold that day. That's the same green skirt as in the 2003 photo, it's much fuller than it looks but it's heavy, doesn't fluff, and doesn't make a good underskirt. I have my copper silk skirt over that, tucked up into the waistband.