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The Iron Dress 2009

Iron Dress Contest Rules
the short version

The full version of the rules is posted here:

  • The outfit must be made from fabric that you have in your stash at the moment you sign up.
  • You have an additional $25.00 for anything that is not in your stash -- the perfect trim, extra velvet for the sleeves, lining fabric, boning, whatever.
  • Outfit must be made using Margo's pattern.
  • Underpinnings such as a smock, corset, farthengale, and bumroll are not in the competition.
  • You can modify the pattern for another country, such as Italy or Germany, or even try to make it an earlier or later period. Just let the judges know what you did.
  • Sign up is from now until July 1st.
  • The winner will be announced October 1st.
  • June 9, 2009
    I signed up with the idea of using this fabric: It's a gold upholstery chenille that I actually bought during the last Iron Dres contest in 2006. I have something like 7 yards of it, which is considerably more than the 2.5-3 I had for the previous dress. And I've got tons of coordinating fabric on hand.

    June 24, 2009
    I've been considering what I might like to do as far as dress design goes this year. I'm pretty sure everyone and their cat will be doing the standard English renfest court gown, or the middle class variation. I want to do an Elizabethan Fairy Queen costume. That might sound hard to get your head around. Elizabethan tends to cover from head to toe and be made of heavy rich fabrics. Fairy costumes tend to show a lot of skin and be made of airy, light fabrics. Yet I feel there are enough elements in common, that the two can meet in the middle somewhere.

    July 27, 2009
    I've come to the realization this project is not going anywhere. It's too hot and I am superbly unmotivated.

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