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How to Make a Tabard

This is perhaps the simplest of costume pieces, consisting of a long rectangle with space for the head. It can quickly be make up to act as an apron or child's top.

If you are going for the Knight Templar look, a tabard is the white thingy with the big red cross on it that they wore over their armor.

Take the following measurements:

  1. Across the chest, armpit to armpit: ____ +2" = ____.
  2. Height, shoulder to just below the knee: ____ +4" =____. (for women)
    -or- to mid thigh: ____ +4" =____. (for men)

You will need a length of fabric twice as long as (B) and as wide as (A), OR Twice as wide as (A) and as long as (B). You've got to get the two rectangles out of it somehow.

If you are working with the one long piece, fold it in half in the middle and mark the hole for your head.

Turn all the raw edges under and hem them.

Cut out the hole for your head and try the tabard on. Enlarge the hole slightly if you need to. When it is the right size, hem it.

You can use fabric paints or applique to decorate the front of the tabard if you wish.

Wear the tabard over a tunic, with a belt. In hot weather men or children can get away with just the belted tabard, kind of like a tank-top t-shirt. Women should be careful of exposing themselves since there are no side seams. If you want to sew up the side seams instead of leaving them open, be sure the width of the tabard allows you to pull it on over your head, and that it doesn't become too narrow to sit down in.

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