Borders That Won't Lie Flat


The quilt top is finished, but the borders won't lie flat for quilting. They're all wavy along the edges.


-- When piecing your blocks, especially if you use triangles that lay along the outer edges, be careful to leave those edges along the grain line. Don't cut your triangles or diamonds so the bias is going to be attached to the border.

-- When cutting borders measure the size of your finished quilt, through the center of the top, not along the edges, and cut borders to fit. If there was any stretching during the piecing, especially if you have a pattern with bias edge triangles or diamonds, you will not get an accurate border measurement.

-- Calculate the size of the top based on the size your blocks and sashing were meant to be. Cut your border to that measurement and fit the quilt to your border - not the other way around (border to quilt). If you have any stretch, which will cause the ripples, it can be eased into the border as you piece.

-- Make sure you square each of your blocks or each section of your quilt after you piece it. If you aren't sure if the top is square go back to the center of your project, and, working outward (using a 12" acryllic square or one larger) check to see where the measurements are off. You may need to undo that section of the top to straighten everything.

-- If the quilt is quilted, did you quilt close together is some areas and not in others, so that your borders have less quilting than the body of your quilt? This can cause rippling in the borders. To eliminate this problem, go back and add a balanced amount of quilting to your borders, and this should solve the problem.

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This page last updated on: December 4, 1996