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The following organizations and individuals have agreed to be listed here so that you may contact them about their causes, or simply send donations. Fabric should be clean and in good condition, and suitable for their intended purpose. If you are not sure what to send, please contact the agent listed to ask if your donation is appropriate. Many of these groups accept quilts, but some also collect other sewn or clothing items.

Do you knit?

Quilts for Carol's Angels provides keepsake memorial quilts for grieving families through SHARE Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support of Lane County. (Oregon)

We make quilts in memorial of the baby and personalize them at the families request. We provide 28" finished quilts at no charge to them. Each quilt need to have a center white square between six and eight inches square to hold the personalized transfer.

Any quilts, supplies, fabrics qould be greatly appreciated. We also accept assorted hand-sewn items to sell at our craft festival booths to help raise funds to provide more quilts to more families. For more information on our quilts, program and how to help us out, please email to quilts@oregonshare.org

Wrap Them in Love Wrap Them in Love Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt organization created to help needy children of the world. Our Mission is to collect donated quilts and distribute them to children around the world, so they can be wrapped in the love of a quilt.

Victoria's Quilts, we donate quilts to cancer patients of any type of cancer, man, woman, child, baby.

Touching Little Lives, Inc., is an Ohio based all volunteer 501c3 non-profit charity organization for needy premature and newborn infants in Ohio. We are in need of quilts (36x45) baby clothes and other essential items for our babies. We have free patterns on our website.

Warming Families is a volunteer project providing blankets and warm items (hats, mittens, etc.) to homeless and domestic violence shelters, as well as foster homes and assisted living facilities. Free patterns and family charity work information can be found on our website.

A complete description can be found at the Warming Families site (http://www.warmingfamilies.org/)

Jackie Donahue
Area Volunteer - SW PA

Binky Patrol

The Torrance and Disneyland Employee Alumni chapters of Binky Patrol are a national, non-profit, all-volunteer organization that quilts, sew, knits, and crochets blankets for children and teens who are in hospitals, foster homes, are abused or in need of special comfort.

This past Christmas they joined with several chapters to donate 300 binkies, dolls, and stuffed animals to a hospital. Another chapter helped our chapter with a donation of 100 binkies to a school for exceptional children.

The Binky page can be found under California Chapters (Torrance) at: www.binkypatrol.org

Thank you for considering us!

Warm Regards,

Lulu Squires

Vineyard Christian Fellowship "Fruit of the Vine"

We recycle old denim garments and make heavy warm quilts to be given to homeless people that are living in the streets of Columbus, Ohio. We use old blankets as the batting (ideally Velux, as it is warm, lofty and lightweight) and good flannel sheeting as the backing. We add ties so that they can be rolled up and carried.

We are always on the lookout for those who would contribute to the sheeting fund as it is the most expensive part of the quilt.

Any questions, please write to mkehlmeier@ntr.net.

Want to make a little quilt but have no one to give it to? Love to make baby quilts but have no babies?

"Children in Common" is a nonprofit organization made up mainly of families adopting from orphanages in Russia, Lithuania and other former Soviet Union countries. One of the main functions of CIC is to provide support in many forms to the orphanages where these children spent their early years -- to help out the children left behind.

If you would like to learn more about the project, see photos, and read the story of the group visit to deliver supplies, you can visit the website http://members.aol.com/elegantst/CIC.html.

Christ's Outreach for the Blind "We are a small group, but are very excited about this way of showing love and comfort to these young and old blind people. The camp is just starting up. The ground breaking will be within the next 3 months and we have about a year to make 60 quilts."

Newborns In Need Collects quilts, clothing, and soft toys for newborn and remature babies, as well as children in crisis.

Nifty Fifty Charity Quilt for Breast Cancer Research

The primary purpose of Quilts from Caring Hands is to make quilts for children-at-risk: the homeless, those in foster care, drug addicted, AIDS infected, visually impaired, abused, as well as infants of teen mothers.

Quilts from Caring Hands
PMB #157
2397 NW Kings Blvd.
Corvallis, OR 97330

The "PMB" in front of "#157" is very important, as the post office said they won't deliver to our box without those initials.

The Comfortor Network has been formed to increase public awareness about the reality of sexual abuse, and to make comforters to be donated to shelters which help survivors of sexual abuse.

Contact Info:

Kari Beth Krieger
207 Fifth St, Apt. 7
Ames, IA 50010
Michelle Layfield
1840 Huntington Blvd, Apt. 304
Hoffman Estates, IL 60195
20158 Vista Del Lago
Perris, CA. 92570
EMail: merricorgi@linkline.com
URL: www.angels4aids.org (under construction)

ANGELS for AIDS provides year round assistance to the Sisters of St Mary's Hospital who act as Case Managers for 50 families with children infected by the AIDS Virus. There are 163 children involved from newborns to 17 years of age. Many of these children suffer from Neuropothy which is a numbness of the nerves in the feet/hands which leave them very cold. It is hard for these families to afford the large utility bills needed to keep these children warm as well as out-of-sight medical expenses. Especially needed are lap quilts and baby quilts to keep these little ones warm. We also accept fabric scraps, unquilted tops, unused blocks, etc. that are pieced and quilted by women in Prison to be given to these children. Additionally, we have a Christmas Stocking Project for these children so stockings and/or Christmas Materials are greatly needed. This is an on going 365-days-a-year needy project.

Yes MAM A quilting challenge taken on by the Trigg County Quilters' Guild raises funds to make mammogram screenings available to under-insured women.

The primary purpose of the Sunshine Quilt Project aims to provide sturdy, useful quilts to those in need. The quilts will be made according to outlined guidelines. The finished quilts will then be donated to well-established, international organizations for distribution as they deem appropriate. In this way, all donors share the warmth and caring, both physical and emotional, to those in need across the world.

Sunshine Foundation

Sunshine Inc. of NW Ohio is a Mennonite-affiliated, non-profit agency providing residential and support services to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Sunshine Foundation, Inc. raises funds for this work and serves as a clearinghouse for donations of material goods. The Foundation is always in need of quilts, comforters, lap robes and wall hangings to furnish resident living areas. The Foundation also accepts donations of fabric and craft items.

In addition, the Foundation accepts donations of premium quilts and wall hangings to be sold at auction for the benefit of Sunshine residents and clients. The Foundation's major fundraising event, the Black Swamp Benefit Bazaar (www.blackswampbenefit.org) is held the third weekend in June at the Fulton County Fairgrounds in Wauseon, Ohio.

Southern Love

These quilters decided to do some rewarding work by making small children's quilts and taking them to the local police department. The policemen give them to those little ones who are going through some kind of trauma. If you can't sew you may be willing to help by giving fabric or batting...it only takes 2 yds. of fabric and one yd. of batting.

Night Time Needlers Quilt Guild
c/o Tricia Damewood
Rt 2, Box 92
Independence, KS 67301

This quilt guild is making quilts for abused children, expecially those that may be in a Safehouse. They will be providing other small quilts for the local emergency response groups (police, fire dept., sheriff). These will be abused so will need to be quick, easy, and sturdy. The guild would appreciate any cotton fabric, batting and suitable backing material.

Seaside Quilters Guild
PO Box 9964
San Diego, CA 92109
Attention: Donna Rasmussen, Charitable Activities

Makes quilts for the Polinsky center in San Diego, which helps abused and homeless children, and Project Linus, a grass roots program starting in many cities; the object is to provide every hospitalised child that is seriously or terminally ill with a quilt to keep to brighten up their life and let them know someone cares about them.

Quilter's Guild of Arlington
% Noreen Kebart
714 Buttermilk Dr.
Arlington, TX 76006

Makes quilts for babies and children for the ABCQuilts project, and for children and adults who must stay at the local Night Shelter. (Children's quilts go with the child when the family moves on, adult size quilts stay with the shelter)

Save The Dolls During the year Marilyn collects dolls --from baby dolls to Barbies-- takes them home, cleans them up, and makes a wardrobe of new clothes and a quilt for each one. At Christmas the dolls are distributed to little girls through a local charitable service. Marilyn can use almost any kind of fabric and small trim. See some pictures of Marilyn's work.
TINY MIRACLES - aaaquilts@aol.com

"I am the Michigan Chairperson for a quilt donation drive entitled Tiny Miracles; we make and donate very small quilts for local Neo-Natal Intensive Care Units in Michigan. These quilts are not for the regular nurseries, but strictly for preemies and distressed infants -- those who joined our world a little too early, or were born with potentially fatal birth defects. Many of these babies may not survive, and these quilts are given to the infants as our gift, to use while in the hospital, and are then given to the families to take home as a token of faith and love from America's quilters.

"These quilts can be made in various sizes, from as small as a 12" block with a border (this size can be used directly inside the isolettes), the medium size is about 20-24" (these are used in the warmers), and the larger quilts, 26-36" in size, are used to cover the isolettes to block out the bright, bright lights of the nursery. There is a constant fear of ROP (retinopathy of prematurity) which causes blindness in young infants, so the large quilts are important as well. The quilt can be square or rectangular in shape, in any color, or pattern.

"This is a great place for any UFO blocks you may have around the house, the babies don't care what they look like, it's your generosity that matters, and we'd appreciate any and all help with this program you can share.

"We will also accept any scrap fabric to help us make a quilt. A wonderful way to help out the infants, and clean out your sewing room too! If you or your quilting group are interested in helping, please contact me at aaaquilts@aol.com for additional information, I'm always available to answer questions about our program.

Ellen Ann Bidigare, Tiny Miracles"

Does your group or guild make quilts for charity?
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