Online Quilt Sellers

And Quilt related products

Feeling a little intimidated by the process of actually making a quilt yourself? Maybe what you need is someone to make one for you. Here is a selection of quiltmakers who advertise their wares online. I have no affiliation with anyone listed here, nor can I recommend anyone in particular.

Online Quilt Sellers

Beautiful Dreamer Quilts
The Quilt Room
Lorrie Akins -- Novelty Quilts
Amish Design Quilts
Auntie's Quilts
Cheryl Bush - Quilter and Folk Artist
Choices Cotton Quilts
D and ME
Goosetracks: reproduction style quilts
Judy Zoelzer Levine, fiber artist
Sewing B's Quilting and Sewing Service
Sew Thankful
Worth Crafting Lancaster County Area Amish Quilts and Handmade Crafts

Quilt Related Products

A Quilter's Legacy, quilt journal
JK Quilting, fabric sample organizer
Stone Ginger Press, quilt note cards

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