Dimensional Flowers

These are very simple to make and can add a little extra texture to many of your projects, whether you choose to apply them to quilts, garments, or home decorating items.

Dimensional Leaves


To start with, you need a circle of fabric twice as wide as you want your finished rosebud to be.


Fold the circle in half, right sides out, keeping the folded edge up, matching raw edges around the bottom curve.


Fold the outer ends of the half-circle in toward the center, overlapping them. The folds should be far enough apart so that a section of the fabric shows between them. This will be the tip of your rosebud. It's okay to practice making a couple of folds before deciding on one that looks good to you.


Take a needle and thread and make a few running stitches along the bottom of the curve, through all the fabric layers.


Gently gather the stiches you made, and tie off the knot.


Your rosebud is now ready to be applique'd or added to other dimensional work. You can wrap a small piece of green fabric around the bottom to simulate a calyx.

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