Fabric Designs, Designers, and Manufacturers

With these images I hope to present a guide to the various designers, manufacturers, and styles of cotton fabrics used in quilting today. These pictures are taken from my personal collection, but all fabric designs are copyright of the designer or manufacturer. Click on individual images to see close-ups of the fabrics.


Calico. The mainstay of traditional quilts. Characterised by small, allover repeating designs, often simple florals or geometrics. Named after the Indian city of Calcutta, from where these fabrics were first imported.

Darker calico prints. See a quilt made with some of these fabrics.

Novelty Prints. Often have an amusing or seasonal theme. Sewing-related prints are popular. Here is a selection from a charm swap.

Some holiday novelties, including koala bears from an Australian print.

Reproductions. Popular comeback items include late Victorian and Depression era prints. These are fabrics from a variety of manufacturers. RJR Fabrics manufactures the Smithsonian Collection of reproduction prints.
Batiks. Made using wax patterns which resist the dyes. Often imported from India or Asia, these patterns can be quite exotic. See a quilt made from some of these fabrics.
Balinese Batiks. A selection of prints from Indonesia, showing distinctive styling.


Jinny Beyer. A sampling of tone-on-tone prints from the Pallette line by RJR.

Mary Ellen Hopkins. A trio of prints, somewhere between whimsical and elegant, printed by SSI.
Debbie Mumm. Popular for her hand-made country look, these prints represent a number of lines from South Seas Imports.


Marcus Brothers Manufactures a variety of prints from traditional to modern, including many reproduction lines.

Hoffman International. Prints a wide range of fabrics, but is best loved for their use of rich color and heavy metallic gold tracery. Sponsors a fabric Challenge every year.

Cranston Print Works. Shown here is a variety of colors from their popular Colorworks line.

Benartex Incorporated has their own site where you can see swatches of their current lines.

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