Historical Costuming

These are text files of books about the history of costume, traditional clothing, fashion, and some stage costuming that I collected into a bibliography in 1994-1995. The titles are listed alphabetically by author, in standard bibliographic format. There are two lists: books published before 1980 and generally out of print (but still floating around a lot of public libraries), and books published after 1980, which you might still have a hope of finding for sale in a used book store.

At the moment there are no subject categories. If somebody wants to volunteer to finish sorting the entries, contact me and I'll be happy to mail you what I have done so far.

Bibliography of Historical Costume Books, after 1980
Bibliography of Historical Costume Books, prior to 1980:
  1. Ackermann - Barsis
  2. Barton - Calasibetta
  3. Cammann - Evans
  4. Ewing - Holland
  5. Hollar - London
  6. Los Angeles - Oakes
  7. Owen - Shaw
  8. Shaw - Visual
  9. Vollmer - Zung

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