Miniature Paper Foundation Piecing Patterns

During 1997 and 1998 I produced miniature paper patterns on a monthly basis. Life happened, and for many years I was no longer able to continue this effort. The original patterns are here for you to use, and as 2003 progresses I plan to add new patterns from time to time. Enjoy!

Each link will display an image for you to download.

How to do Paper Foundation Piecing

2003 Collection

March: Garden Lattice
Assembling the Lattice Block

April: Bear Claw

May: Indian Arrow

June: Whirligig
Assembling the Whirligig Block.

July: Boxed T
Assembling the Boxed T Block.

August: Sawtooth

September: Log Cabin

1998 Collection

Hen and Chickens

American Flag

Rose Here it is in color.

Palm Leaf

Star and Cross It goes together like this.

Flying Geese

Woven Heart

1997 Collection

Pine Tree

Maple Leaf


Pumpkin/ Apple

Amish Diamond

Grandmother's Fan

Crossed Canoes One of 4 needed.

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