My Sewing Room

So, here we are. I have an open room that was once a small bedroom. Two of the walls were removed by the previous owner to make a sitting area. It measures about 10x12 feet. There is one small window and a closet.

It's not as much of a disaster as it looks at first. The closet holds all my costumes, with ones in progress hanging on the door frame for easy access. The wall of bookshelves holds small fabric remnants (under 2 yards), boxes of trim and buttons (not visible), a lot of my reference books on sewing and costuming, and all my pattern boxes. Bolts of fabric are stored there, too, with my veil collection tucked in between the individual bolts. The hallway closet on the right behind the blue dress holds my boxes of quilt fabric. The chair draped in a white sheet holds a lot of halloween fabrics and other large bolts.

The railing in the front of the picture prevents stuff from falling down the stairs that lead to the front door (yeah, right). Under the table I have a whole bunch of shoeboxes for holding notions, trim, beads, and individual projects.

Things look better from this angle. You can see my sewing machine in front of the window, my mirror and thread on the closet door at right, and another pair of bookshelves in the left corner, holding fabric organized by color. The shoeboxes on top hold more beads, and various small projects.

My ironing board, with fabric on it, sits in the middle of the room. I have one upright lamp to aid in lighting. The room never had a ceiling lamp, only a fan, and that has been removed (you can see the wires hanging) but no light has been put in yet. Pretty much, if it's not daylight I don't sew.

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