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7x7 Summer quilt (contains no batting) made in purple and fuschia cotton batik prints and tied with black button cord. The gentleman on the right is a friend, John; the one on the left is one of my old housemates, Peter.

7x7 Nine-patch in alternating dark or light green and tropical colored plaids. The backing is peacock blue sanded rayon, it's really soft. It is tied with green wool yarn. The shadow effect is from the tree you can't see on the left.

4x6 lap quilt, in progress. I made this one in colors to match our new bedroom set, in fact the maroon border is a piece of sheet... the rest of the fabrics are interior decorating materials in coordinating colors. In this picture you can see some of the diagonal quilting in the upper right quarter. I am now working on a scalloped pattern along the borders, having finished the lines and a floral central oval.

Peter's Quilt, approx 5x7. Feeling sorry for a new housemate who was sleeping on the floor one winter, I asked him if he'd like a quilt... He still insists on sleeping on the floor, but he's much warmer now. This one is in cottons, tied with crochet thread, and the shadowed effect is from a tree.

4x6 lap quilt. One of the first quilts I made, this is a collection of quilting cottons and interior decorating fabrics, whatever I could find at the time that looked good. That it came out so coordinated was more accident than plan. The borders are quilted in a princess feather pattern.

John's Office Quilt, 14x18 inches. This started as an experiment with paper foundation patterns, in miniature, two things I had not done before. I pulled the brightest fabrics from my stash, many of them are pieces from online charm swaps. It hangs now in his cube at work and he gets asked "Where did you find the neat poster?"

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