Quilts From My House

Baby Quilt. ~3x4 feet. A friend of mine wanted "boy stuff" for his new baby, so I made this Bear's Paw quilt in various blue children's prints.

Plaid Cats. 44"x51". From a published pattern (The Cat's Meow?) and blocks traded through an AOL exchange. I got 22 blocks in the trade, and made 26 from plaids in my own stash --and no two cats are from the same fabric! I had a wonderful warm red/green/brown plaid to use on the back. This is one of my favourite lap quilts.

30x30" Pinwheels and Virginia Reels. A wallhanging made for a Keepsake Challenge competition. Each Virginia Reel block is made of 16 pieces and measures 2.5 inches across. They were not foundation-pieced. This picture shows the top before it was bound and quilted. I was not able to get Tiger off it long enough to take a picture.

Circle Patchwork Sampler. I made this as an exercise to see if circle patchwork is really as easy as it looks. It was. The fabrics came from Fastrax. This piece is about 18" across. I think the next time I do this I will limit myself to one fabric for the centers.

Friendship Star, a very simple block in a difficult setting. About 18" square. Another sampler made from Fastrax fabrics, this time I selected all blues. The blocks are staggered and I had to insert 2" squares to space them, so I did a lot of set-in piecing. To add to that, the whole piece is tilted sideways about 20 degrees so that the stars stand upright...

More Quilts from My Back Yard

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