More Quilts from My Back Yard

Queen-sized triangle trees on a white background. The center panel will be quilted with a large snowflake design, the white background representing snow among the pines. Many of the green prints came from charm swaps with other online quilters. This unfinished top has one border to be added.

54x58" This lap quilt was made with Debbie Mumm prints, originally it was going to be 12" blocks from an online exchange. However, I thought the prints were so busy I pulled apart most of the blocks I received and spread them out with a lot of solid grey, two shades of brown, and plenty of muslin. I took the opportunity to make all the interesting blocks from my books to create this as a sampler.

I dressed this pair of cloth bunnies for a friend. The one on the left matches the quilt above, and even has her own little patchwork quilt.

Queen-sized pinwheel top. About a dozen of the blocks came from an online swap, the rest I made from fabrics in my stash. I arranged the blocks diagonally ranging across the color spectrum like a rainbow. You can see the interesting effects from different pinwheel patterns, including some that spin opposite of others.

Close-up of John peeking around the edge of the pinwheel top.

Tim's Quilt. 7x7.5'. I collected these 6" black 9-patch blocks through an online exchange, planning to make a quilt for another housemate, Tim. He figures he can't go wrong if he buys everything in black or white: he'll always coordinate. The 9-patches are nearly all different, and came with matching solid charms and print charms. I used the solids as a border, side by side to carry on the "blocks" theme, and made half-square triangles for the second border. Amazing what you can do with a simple 9-patch.

The back of Tim's Quilt. The row of Flying Geese units serves several purposes, aside from adding interest to the back. I wanted to use up leftover triangles from making the front, and I needed an additional 6 inches width for the backing.

Christmas Sampler. This is a double-sized quilt made from blocks I have collected in holiday exchanges. I alternated pieced blocks with matching squares of fabric, and tied it very lightly. Someday I may quilt it, but for now it will only be used for show. The binding is machine stitched with metallic green thread, and I learned that you have to use a lot more metallic thread to get any kind of neat effect.

Even More Quilts

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