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Getting Started:

  • Copyright: What You Should Know if You Quilt
  • A Glossary of Quilting Terms
  • A Whole Mess of Questions from A New Quilter
  • Questions I get asked
  • Even more questions
  • Selecting Fabric
  • Starting the Quilt Hobby
  • Hints For Better Quilt Blocks
  • Sizing Your Quilt
  • Quilt Labels
  • Quilt Guilds Online
  • The Backing
  • Making a Hanging Sleeve


  • Finding Supplies and Notions online
  • Thread
  • Sewing Machines
  • Sewing Machines for sale
  • My sewing cabinet refinishing project
  • Thimbles
  • Sewing and Quilting Needles


  • Grain-filled hot packs
  • Selecting an Easy Quilt Pattern
  • Wedding Blocks
  • Anniversary/Signature Quilts
  • Miniature Paper Foundation Piecing Patterns
  • Balkan Puzzle Block -- Have a loved one in Bosnia?
  • Circle Patchwork
  • Hidden Wells
  • Half Square Triangles

    The Fabric:

  • Designers and Manufacturers
  • Fabric Exchanges --Starting One
  • Fabric Exchanges --Joining One
  • One Exchange You Should Never Join
  • Prewashing Fabric
  • Finding Fabric Online

    Styles and Techniques:

  • How to Hand Quilt
  • Anne Colvin
  • Kindred Spirits
  • Paula Nadelstern: Kaleidoscpoes
  • Judi Warren: Fabric Postcards
  • Marcia Baker: Lessons Learned
  • Paper Foundation Piecing
  • An evening with Darlene Christopherson
  • Sharon Newman: Detecting the Date
  • Mimi Dietrich: Quilts from the Smithsonian
  • Dimensional Flowers: Rose
  • Karen Stone: notes on her unique style
  • Karen Stone: an evening with the Dallas Quilt Guild
  • A Visit from the Little Quilters
  • Working with Flannel in your Quilt
  • Working with Denim in your Quilt
  • T-Shirt Quilts
  • Biscuit/Puff Quilts
  • Yo-yo Quilts
  • Quillow Instructions
  • Using Kool-aid as a Fabric Dye
  • Procion Dyes
  • Tea Dying
  • colored Blocks for Kids

    Books and Magazines:

  • Publishers of Quilting Books
  • Publishers of Quilting Magazines

    The Little Things:

  • Tips for Prize-winning Quilting
  • But, Is It Cotton?
  • Borders That Won't Lie Flat
  • Finding the Time to Quilt
  • Making a Space to Quilt
  • Organizing Your Stuff
  • Sore Fingers

    Computers and Quilts:

  • Hexpaper Print your own templates
  • Using Your Printer on Fabric
  • Photocopying Onto Fabric
  • Notes on Canon Transfer Papers

    Antique Quilts

  • Document Your Family Quilts
  • Care and Feeding of your Antique
  • How to Store Quilts
  • The History of Quilting in America

    Custom-made Quilts

  • Online Vendors

    Quilting for Charity

  • Groups and Guilds

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