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For the past several years The Virtual Quilt at Planet Patchwork has been reviewing various web sites related to quilting. A couple of months after this site opened, they published this review. The rating scale runs from a low of one to a high of five stars.

February 15, 1996

Every once in a while, usually wandering through a different town, or a strange part of your own, you will encounter a store which sells an unlikely mix of merchandise -- fudge and mandolins, for instance, or quilts and hand-grenades. These are what my wife Lynn calls "things-I-like" stores, reflecting the quirky interests of their owners without regard for conventional retail categories.

It was that kind of experience I had when I encountered "D. Duperault's Home Page," ( which in the space of a single page introduced me to her passions for cats, quilts, and war games (among other things). Dawn Duperault is apparently a librarian, as her first statement on her unadorned, text-only front page is "Batgirl was a librarian, too."

Her first link is to a page (also by Dawn) featuring the National Security Decision-Making Game, an interactive online strategy game that is never the same twice.

The next major category is "Of Interest to Quilters and Cat People," which contains a variety of items and links that are helpful or amusing to quilters. Many of these are Dawn's own files on topics such as how to find time to quilt, how to make space to quilt, how to pick a sewing machine, how to make a border lie flat and what to do about sore fingers. Again these pages are without graphics and sport only minimal html formatting. Her philosophy about that is expressed at the bottom of her quilters' page: "If this was a graphic you would still be waiting for this page to download."

No matter what the topic her advice is good -- well-thought- out and offered in a free spirit of giving that exemplifies what we all always thought the internet was about.

Dawn's page is not completely without pictures, however. There is a file available which contains pictures of several of her quilts being held up in her back yard by friends or family, or slung over the fence, along with descriptions of their origins. The scans are big and well-lighted, having been photographed out in the sunlight, and again the spirit is casual and homespun. And the quilts are pretty, too!

Quirky, in-your-face, and charming, D. Duperault's Home Page is a delight.

RATING: Four Stars

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