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The Friendship Star Quilters in Gaithersburg, Maryland recently featured my site in their newsletter. Here is what they had to say.

"For those of our members who are avid Internet users as well as ardent quilters, we're including a monthly feature on quilting or quilting-related Internet sites of interest. Each month we'll highlight a specific site that focuses on a different area of interest to quilters.

This month we're focusing on picking fabrics for your quilt. If you quilt, you obviously have a strong attraction to fabric - the designs and the colors call out to you from across the room.

New quilter or experienced quilter, at one time or another we all ask the fabric questions:

Well, among the many wonderful and varied quilting sites that are out on the Internet, Dawn Duperault has one that tries to answer these questions (and many more). The url for her site is:

Dawn explains the difference between "cheap" and "on sale" and how to shop the bargain table. She also talks about the safe method, the interesting method, and the bold method for selecting fabrics (both patterns and colors) for your quilt.

Explore this site in depth. Dawn has a wide range of topics here, including copyright information for quilters, guides to various fabric designs, designers, and manufacturers, and tests for how to tell if your fabric truly is 100% cotton. Even if you don't read the pages, the use of color and design on this website will be a delight to your creative muse! Happy q-surfing!

If you know of a site that would be of interest to our members, send the URL to"

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