Making Space to Quilt


Your home is so small you don't know where you'd ever find space for sewing and keeping your supplies.


-- Use a folding cutting table, preferably a sturdy wood, not cardboard. They fold up for easy storage. You can get rotary cutting mats the same size as the table tops.

-- Use swing arm lamps on cabinets and cutting tables, or nearby shelves, to light up your work area.

-- An old or inexpensive armoire can act as a fabric closet for your stash. It hides the clutter behind closed doors, and keeps small ones out of your stuff.

-- Take over the play room. Relegate all the children's toys back to their bedrooms.

-- Use a narrow upright bookshelf unit to store fabric at one end of the diningroom or living area where you sew. Look for a 12x12 inch shelving unit for tight corner spaces.

-- Keep an eye out for fabric stores which are selling old pattern drawers or display cabinets. You can use them to store fabric and acesssories. Second hand office furniture also offers interesting storage possibilities.

-- Consider putting up track lighting, you can aim it at key work spaces within your sewing area, and still have fashionable lighting. (And get rid of that lamp on the end table so you can use the space for important things like fabric!)

-- Those stacking wire mesh baskets are great too. They're open so you can see what you've got. They can also be assembled in various ways to fit space.

-- Cork boards, with push pins as hangers, or a peg board will hold all your small sewing tools like scissors, rotary cutters, rulers, etc. A cork board allows you to pin up instructions for your project where you can see them while you work.

-- Workshop organizers, the ones with lots of little drawers, aren't just for the garage. Hang them on the wall or set them on your sewing table. Organize the feet for your sewing machine, small acessories like pins and beads, or cards of embroidery floss.

-- Old clear film canisters you get from 35mm film store all your loose buttons, snaps, needles, beads, etc.. They are the perfect size for tiny things. Store the cannisters in a plastic shoebox where you can easily see them.

-- A clothes hamper - the kind with the swinging lid and ventilated sides - is great for storing fabric scraps. Store the hamper along with other fabrics, or place it near your sewing table.

-- Purchase a "packaged" garage organizer/ workbench and put it together against one wall. You'll have tall closets with shelves on each side, overhead cupboards in the center, a workbench with pegboard, and two base cabinets supporting the workbench that each have a drawer. It should be inexpensive, not too difficult to put together, and you can overcome the utilitarian garage look with a custom paint job.

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