Getting Started in Quilting

Not sure where to start?

Ask yourself some basic questions:

-- Do you like to do hand needlework? Do you have a sewing machine, or one you can borrow for a length of time? Do you have work space available to you at home, or some place you can leave it out undisturbed?

-- How patient are you? Hand piecing can be tedious work if you are a Now person. Machine piecing gives you faster results, but may not give you the soothing personal time you want.

-- If there is someone in your life who quilts, ask them. No doubt they will be thrilled to pass on some first hand knowledge.

-- Take a beginner's class from your local fabric store or quilting shop. In some areas there are adult education organizations that offer quilting classes, too.

-- Your local library can be a great source of inspirational books, both traditional and contemporary. While the volumes themselves may be outdated, the basic methods of quilting have not changed in hundreds of years. Don't be put off by the pictures, or lack therof! Browse through library books for ideas and information before you buy books you'll want for your own collection.

-- Check PBS and cable channels for quilting shows. There are several that run in different areas of the US at different times during the week.

-- Decide what you like about quilts. What styles, colors, patterns, etc. What look do you want. Look in books and quilting magazines and decide what you can do.

-- Surf the 'net looking for quilter's pages. You can learn all kinds of things by looking at what others have done. Find the discussion groups or email lists and get involved.

-- Look in craft stores or book stores for quilting magazines. Some are aimed at beginners, others cater to more advanced "quilt artists". All are fun to look through.

-- Use those magazines to find quilt shows. Some will be small, local events with quilts made by your neighboors, and some are big, national shows with hundreds of quilts on display. You can take classes, see the quilts, shop a variety of vendors, and meet others who share the same hobbies and interests.

-- See if there is a quilt guild in your area. It may be a small group that meets for casual chat and sharing, or it may be a larger group with paid speakers, workshops, and trips available to you.

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