Wedding Quilt Blocks

So, you want to make a quilt for a wedding gift. What patterns can you use that have wedding theme names? Try these:

  • Bridal Path
  • Bouquet
  • Church Steps
  • Double Wedding Ring
  • Hearts and Flowers
  • Heart's Desire
  • Home Maker
  • I Do
  • Love Ring
  • Lover's Knot
  • Steps to the Altar
  • Sweetheart Chain
  • Tree of Life
  • True Lover's Knot
  • Wedding Ring
  • Bright Hopes

    Bear in mind that the names of quilt blocks vary quite a bit, and some blocks may be known by several names. In addition, there are blocks named after cities and states, events and occupations, any of which might be appropriate for the couple you have in mind. By looking through any of the hundreds of quilting reference titles you can find blocks for your skill level which will make a wonderful quilt, regardless of their name.

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    This page last updated on: April 20, 1996.